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Underwriting Team

KRFSIF has a dedicated underwriting team with over 15 years combined experience in order to provide careful evaluation of new and existing members. It is important to have the integrity of underwriting present for the longevity of the KRFSIF program. Underwriting is a continuous and critically important part of KRFSIF management. The KRFSIF underwriting team understands the demands the retail and service industry operations must meet on a daily basis and will respond with a high sense of urgency.

Underwriting Guidelines

  • Operations must engage in retail trade or related business. Excluded operations include, but are not limited to: Agricultural, Blasting, Heavy Construction, Drilling, Hazardous Waste Operations, Restaurant Delivery, Roofing and Trucking. (Please see class codes list for further information.)
  • The prior three year’s average loss ratio should be 64% or less.
  • Mod must be under 1.25.
  • Preferably in operation for at least five years but will consider quoting new business with approved class code and extensive management experience.
  • Applications not meeting the underwriting criteria may be approved by KRFSIF and the excess carrier.
  • In order to receive coverage with KRFSIF, the employer company must be a member in good standing of the Kentucky Retail Federation. Quotes may be provided prior to the employers joining the Federation. However, in order for the Fund to write coverage, the company must join the Federation.

Underwriting Specifications

  • Completed, signed application
  • Copies of the last 4 years annual payroll audits or UI-3 form or 941s for the last 4 years if no NCCI Experience Mod Worksheet is available.
  • A copy of the current NCCI Experience Mod Worksheet or the equivalent.
  • Latest 3 year loss runs valued within 6 months of proposed effective date.
  • Employee Concentration Supplemental Application. Provide number of employees by location, if more than 200 employees at one location.
  • Company narrative or brochure

Writing the Right Class

As part of KRFSIF’s ongoing process to ensure quality and competitiveness within the market, we have recently re-evaluated our rate structure. Following is a comprehensive list of the approval codes that the Fund can bind workers’ comp coverage for.

Approved Class Codes
0005Farm: Nursery
0042Landscape–Gardening & Drivers
0050Farm Machinery Operation
0908Private Residence–Inservants
2003Bakery Driver
2501Clothing & Umbrella MFG
2570Mattress or Box Spring MFG
2586Cleaning or Dyeing
2589Laundry and Dry Cleaning
2881Furniture and Assembling MFG
2923Piano MFG
3179Electrical Apparatus MFG
3180Electric or Gas Light Fixtures
3385Watch MFG
3632Machine Shops
3648Automotive Lighting MFG
3685Instrument MFG
4150Optical Goods MFG
4304Newspaper Publishing
4361Photographer–All Employees
4557Ink/Crayon/Pencil MFG
4611Pharm Preparation MFG
4635Oxygen or Hydrogen MFG
5022Masonry NOC
5183Plumbing NOC
5190Electrical Wiring within Bldg
5191Office Machine or Appliance
5192Vending Machine Instalation
5221Concrete or Cement Work
5348Interior WK Tile Stone
5403Carpentry NOC
5445Wallboard Installation
5474Painting or Decoration
5478Carpet/Linoleum & Flooring
5537Heating & A/C Duct Workshop
5606Contractor–Executive Supv
6504Food Sundries MFG NOC
7380Chauffeurs & Helpers
7605Burglar Alarm Installer
7610Television Broadcasting
8001Florist Store & Drivers
8002Automobile Rental Company
8008Store–Dry Goods, Etc.–Retail
8015Quick Print–Copy/Dup Service
8017Store–Retail NOC
8018Store–Wholesale NOC
8021Meat, Fish & Poultry
8031Store–Meat, Fish & Poultry
8032Store–Clothing/Wearing Apparel
8045Store–Drug Store–Pharmacy
8046Store–Automobile Accessories
8047Store–Drug Wholesale
8058Building Materials Dealers
8072Store–Retail–Record, AC, AV
8111Plumbers’ Supplies Dealer
8116Farm Machinery Dealer
8203Ice Dealer & Drivers
8215Hay/Grain/Feed Dealers
8232Lumber Yard
8235Millwork Dealers
8292Storage Warehouse
8380Auto Service or Repair Center
8393Auto Body Repair
8720Engineer/Architect Consulting
8748Auto Sales/Service Agencies
8755Labor Union
8810Clerical Office or Libraries
8825Retire Living Center–Food SVC
8826Retire Living Center NOC
8832Physician & Clerical
8833Hospital–Professional Employees
8835Public Health Nurses Assoc.
8855Banks & Trust Companies - All Employees
8864Char/Welfare Org–Prof/Cler
8869Child Daycare Center–Prof/Cler
9012Apart Prop Manager/Leasing Agent
9014Buildings (by contractor)
9015Building or Property Management - All Employees
9016Amusement Park/Exhibition
9052Hotels–All other Employees
9058Hotels–Restaurant Employees
9060Clubs–Country Golf/Fishing
9061Clubs NOC & Clerical
9083Restaurant–Fast Food
9084Bar, Disco, Nightclub, Lounge, Tavern
9093Bowling Lane or Ice Rink
9101Schools–All Other
9102Park–All Employees
9110Char/Welfare Org–All Other
9154Theater–All Other Employees
9220Cemetery Operation & Drivers
9516Radio/TV/AV–Installation & Repair
9519Household Appliances
9521House Furnishing Installation
9586Barber Shop or Beauty Parlor
9620Funeral Director


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Underwriting FAQ’s

Does KRFSIF write new businesses?
While we prefer the business to have been operating for at least five years, we will consider new businesses. Any businesses with fewer than five years of operating experience will need to provide an owner’s bio to include management experience as well as industry experience, if applicable.
What does KRFSIF need in order to provide a quote?
Please provide a completed work comp application as well as four years of loss history. Any additional information needed to provide a quote will be requested by the underwriter.
What benefits do members receive for joining Kentucky Retail Federation?
The Kentucky Retail Federation provides several benefits to members including, but not limited to the following:

  • Credit card/debit card services
  • Discount shipping program
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Health insurance
  • Property/casualty programs through State Auto with the potential for the member to earn dividends

*Please contact Cassie Grigsby for more information regarding KRF membership benefits.