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Loss Control

Loss Control Services

Many of the ways that workers go about their tasks each day are putting them in danger of illness or injury, but are not readily obvious without professional evaluation. In addition to the desire to keep employees healthy in general, one of the most important means of maintaining cost effective premiums is to create a safe environment for employees.

As a no-cost service to our members, the Fund offers:

  • On-site loss prevention evaluation and training by our loss prevention specialist
  • A library of videos for safety and loss prevention training
  • Access to our TPA’s loss control website: www.ccmsi.com

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Loss Prevention FAQ’s

What all does loss control entail?

Loss control is a risk management technique put into place to provide a safer work environment while reducing the possibility of claims. The team will work with members to customize their loss prevention services and provide safety videos, safety posters as well as safety training specific to the member needs.

How often do members receive loss control visits?

Loss control visits are conducted within a few months of new membership into the Fund. After the initial visit, loss control visits are conducted on a one- to three-year rotation depending on the size and risk of the member. In some cases, loss control visits will be conducted more frequently if the risk and the size of the member demand a visit more than once a year. Finally, loss control visits are conducted when a member has a claim filing.

As a member, what risk reminders do I have access to once I log in to my account?

We update our risk reminders and provide new risk reminders several times per year. Some of the most common risk reminders include safety information regarding active shooters, building a strong safety culture, retail safety tips, slips trips and falls, burn prevention, safety shoes, winter driving, preventing lacerations as well as many other safety topics to share with your staff.